Thursday, September 29, 2011

News from our Graduates: Rachel Poorman '11

Rachel Poorman graduated from AU with a double major, Religion and Sports Science, in May of 2011. She began classes in the Master of Divinity program at Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey this fall. Here’s what Rachel has to say about that:

I am doing really well. I love being here in Princeton and am almost finished with my first week of classes. Everything is always a little crazy at first with tons of new books and readings, but I think soon enough I will be settled in and ready to go! I can feel that God has great things in store for me here...and I'm extremely excited as I begin this new journey! The administrators, faculty, and students here at Princeton Theological Seminary have been warm and welcoming. As I begin this new and amazing journey I am continually aware of God's active presence and comfort in my life. Although many of my thoughts consist of questions without answers concerning God's purpose in bringing me here to study and grow, I've come to appreciate the unknown, and gained peace through the patience I've learned to practice while discerning God's call in my life. I have started the application process for an international field education experience next summer, and I believe I will continue to be blown away by God's work in my life throughout this first year at Princeton.