Saturday, November 23, 2013

Minor in Religion

Whatever your major, a minor in Religion goes well with everything (like ketchup!).

Why is everyone talking about studying Religion?

  • You get a Religion minor in only 12 credit hours! 
  • You have probably already completed one Religion class as part of the Core 
  • Courses for the Religion minor may also meet Core requirements (See below) 
  • Of course...There's also the Religion major.

Many of our Religion Courses Fulfill the Humanities Core Requirement

REL 220 Taking Human Life
REL 240 Jewish Religious Traditions
REL 250 Understanding Islam in Today's World
REL 308 Political Theology
REL 340 Religion & the Civil Rights Movement in America

World Religion Classes, many of which fulfill Border Crossing Requirement

REL 107 Exploring World Religions
REL 250 Understanding Islam in Today's World
REL 341 World Christianity, Culture & Mission
REL 307 World Religions East & West

Many Religion Courses Fulfill the Historical Reasoning Core

REL 230 Hist. of Early Christianity
REL 231 Hist. Medieval & Reformation Christianity
REL 232 Hist. of Modern Christianity
REL 233 Hist. Religions in America

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