Thursday, March 27, 2014

Upper Level Courses -- Fall 2014

As you are putting together your fall schedule, please consider the following upper level religion courses being offered this fall:

REL 208 Exploring Christian Theology (12:15—1:30 TTh)  Dr. Hovey
An introduction to central doctrines of the Christian faith that is both respectful of classic theological traditions and open to the new voices and emphases of recent theologies.  A required course for religion majors and one of the best ways for religion minors to fulfill their Christian thought requirement. 

REL 213 Life and Letters of Paul (10:00-10:50MWF)  Dr. Aune
An examination of the life of Saul/Paul, author of much of the New Testament and arguably the most important figure in Christianity after Jesus.  We make a careful study of relevant sections in the Book of Acts and the letters attributed to Paul, aided by useful secondary sources.  We consider not only theological and social concerns addressed by Paul but also the ways in which his teachings apply to the contemporary world.

REL 233 History of Religions in America (9:25-10:40 TTh)  Dr. Slade
Focuses on the history of religions in America from the mid 16th century to the present.  Emphasis will be primarily on the social context within which American religions developed and secondarily on American religious thought during this period. Meets Core credit for Historical Reasoning. 

REL 301 Topics:  Theology and Practice of Worship (10:50-12:05 TTh) Dr. Dickson
Christian Worship is a source of great joy and inspiration for Christians. It is also a source of conflict. Is there a ‘right’ way to worship? How much creativity is too much? Can worship be culturally relevant and also grounded in tradition? In this course we explore these and other questions about the meaning, purpose, practice, planning, and contextualization of Christian worship around the world today. The class includes student experiences of representative worship services from various traditions and cultures.

REL 497 Religion Thesis Seminar (8:00-9:15 TTh)  Dr. Hovey
Designed to give religion majors (and minors who are choosing to write a thesis) a guided opportunity to research and write a paper on a topic of interest.

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