Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dr. Hovey's New Book

The book The Hermeneutics of Tradition: Explorations and Examinations has just been published by Cascade books. Co-edited by AU religion professor Craig Hovey and the University of Scranton's Cyrus P. Olsen, The Hermeneutics of Tradition "presents the latest scholarship on tradition as a concept and reality in the development of Christian cultures."

Aristotle Papanikolaou, Professor of Theology at the Orthodox Christian Studies Center in New York gives the volume a glowing review:
In an age caught between the two poles, hypertheism and overhumanization, The Hermeneutics of Tradition offers fresh alternatives for negotiating the ambiguities of the texts, rituals, and symbols of the Christian tradition through the tradition. This collection of essays demonstrates that there is no such thing as traditionless existence, which entails being grounded in the certitude and stability of the truth claims and meaning of the Christian tradition while simultaneously being active interpreters toward yet undiscovered answers to old and new questions. A timely book with rich resources for how to think and live the Christian tradition.

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