Friday, March 27, 2015

Religion Courses for Fall 2015

REL106 Exploring the Bible - Seven sections (M,W, F, 10,11,12,1; T,Th, 9:25; 10:50; 12:15) - core: Religion
There is a reason it is a best seller -- take this class and find out why for yourself.

REL107 Exploring World Religions - Four sections in a classroom (M,W, F, 1, 2; T,Th,10:50 & 12:15) and two sections online (some seats reserved for RNBSN students)- core: Religion, GPS-Border Crossings.

REL109 Exploring Christian Ethics - Two sections (M,W,F, 9 & 10 - N.B. the 10 o'clock class is an honors section) with Dr. Hovey.
Start thinking about the BIG ISSUES--immigration, homosexuality, justice, war, abortion, love-- in this essential class for sentient beings.

REL230 History of Early Christianity - (M,W, F, 10) with Dr. Aune
How did “orthodox” Christianity overcome various challenges to become the dominant religious tradition in the West? In this course, we answer this question by focusing upon selected literature and significant historical events in the development of Christianity from the 2nd to the 5th century. Classes consist mainly of interactive lectures and serious discussion of primary texts from this period.
Fulfills the Core Historical Reasoning requirement.

305 Advanced New Testament: Gospels - (T, Th, 1:40) with Dr. Aune
Do you want to learn more about the life of Jesus while asking critical questions raised by recent scholarship in Biblical studies? In this course we focus on the four Gospels individually (focusing on the distinctive themes, occasion and purpose of the writings) and then alongside one another as we consider their historical reliability for studying the life of Jesus.
Fulfills the upper level Biblical studies requirement for the Religion major.

208 Exploring Christian Theology - (T,Th, 9:25) with Dr. Hovey
An introduction to central doctrines of the Christian faith that is both respectful of classic theological traditions and open to the new voices and emphases of recent theologies.
A required course for religion majors and one of the best ways for religion minors to fulfill their Christian thought requirement.  

REL234 History of Christian Worship - (T,Th, 10:50) with Dr. Slade.
From Thomas Tallis to Chris Thomlin, Gregorian Chant to Hillsong. Learn about the history of Christian worship from the New Testament church to the present day.  
Fulfills the upper level Christian History requirement for the Religion major and the Christian Thought requirement for the minor.

REL341 World Christianity, Culture and Mission - (T,Th, 3:05) with Dr. Dickson
Just returned from her semester in Kenya working with local church leaders, Dr. Dickson will have a wealth of knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm to share. Don't miss this class.

497 Thesis Seminar - (M, W, 3-4:20) with Dr. Dickson
Write a 30 page thesis in one semester on a (religious) subject of your choice. This is a required class for religion majors BUT it is also a great elective for everyone else.

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